The Authors
Mark Morgan - Lead Author
Mark Morgan is CEO of StratEx Advisors, a strategic execution consultancy. He is the former Chief Learning Officer at IP Solutions, LLC. (IPS) and former practice director of the Stanford Advanced Project Management curriculum offered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. At IPS, he was responsible for the development of learning technology and has contributed extensively to courses including Converting Strategy into Action, Leadership for Strategic Execution, and Mastering the Integrated Program. He is the lead architect of the Strategic Execution Framework. Mark is a consultant, keynote speaker, educator, and master facilitator for diverse global audiences ranging from the program manager level to the board of directors level. His experience in converting strategy into action stems from over 30 years of industry experience in project, program, portfolio, and organizational leadership and management. Mark has worked with global teams in top Fortune 50 companies to mobilize their strategy. Mark has an undergraduate degree in engineering, a master’s degree in business, and is Stanford and PMP certified in project management. Contact

Ray Levitt
​Dr. Raymond E. Levitt is the Kumagai Professor of Engineering at Stanford University. Ray previously served on the faculty of MIT, helping to launch MIT’s Construction Engineering and Project Management program. Ray’s teaching, research, and consulting focus on designing organizations to execute complex, fast-track projects and service/maintenance work such as IT and health care delivery. His Virtual Design Team (VDT) research group develops new organization design theory and simulation tools to help managers optimize project and matrix organization designs. In 1999 Ray founded the Stanford Advanced Project Management program at the Stanford Center for Professional Development, and serves as the program’s Academic Director. In 2003, he founded and currently serves as director of Stanford’s Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects, a multidisciplinary, multi-university initiative aimed at enhancing the performance of global projects. He has coauthored several books, including: Construction Safety Management, 2nd ed., and Knowledge-Based Systems in Engineering. Ray was a cofounder and has served as a director of Design Power, Inc.; Vité Corporation; and Visual Network Design, Inc. Contact

William Malek
William A. Malek is the former program director for the Stanford Advanced Project Management program at Stanford University. William has more than twenty-eight years of corporate experience in strategic planning, management consulting, and organizational alignment and his focus is on the study of strategy execution and leading a positive organization. William concentrates on effective group planning techniques to generate the leadership required to convert strategy into reality. As a teacher and facilitator, he has earned audience acclaim as an international keynote speaker, workshop leader, and strategic consultant. As one of the instructors in APM, he has presented in the award-winning Stanford courses such as Converting Strategy into Action, Leadership for Strategic Execution, Mastering the Project Portfolio, and Designing Organizations for Execution. William has held executive positions such as CEO of IPSolutions, Inc. as well as facilitating Fortune 500 senior management teams in companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco, and McKesson. William holds an MBA in e-commerce from Capella University and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. A few of his certifications include the Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), a Project Management Professional (PMP), and a New Product Development Professional. Contact